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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dogstock 2010

While you're at The Broken Doors album launch this Saturday at The Dog and Partridge why not pick up your Dogstock 2010 tickets? Dogstock is running from Friday 28th May - Sunday 30th May and is going to cost £10 for all 3 days or £5 for a single day!

Bands that are confirmed so far are -

The Intelligence ( USA )
To The Bones
The Heretics
The Kiss Off
The Hicks
Odins Blood

Moonlit Sailor ( Sweden )
Silent Front
Apache Viking ( ex free diamonds )
The Great St Louis

This Hidden Switch
Jacknife Holiday
Amateur Assassins


Acoustic all dayer featuring The Managers, Pancho Ballard and The Banditos and more!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Broken Door Album Launch!

The next gig at The Dog is The Broken Door album which is on 27th Feb and it's going to be a truly amazing night with 4 absolutely amazing bands playing in The Broken Door, Legend of The 7 Black Tentacles, From the Kites of San Quentin and With That Knife!
Come down because there isn't a good enough reason to miss it!

The Emocast

The Emos have put together a mixtape full of punk rock goodness. The mixtape features a live set and interview with Austrian Pop Punkers 7YearsBadLuck recorded by Ant Booth

Listen here

or download from here


7YearsBadLuck - Wailing (LIVE)
7YearsBadLuck - The Eyes Have It (LIVE)
7YearsBadLuck - On The Run (LIVE)
7YearsBadLuck - The Better Happy Ending (LIVE)

The Emos - Chickentikkadonnachipssaltandchilisaucemate!
Joey Terrifying - Express Yourself Clearly
Flatbackfour - Psalm 23
ROTPM - Mines a Pint
Rebuke - Gonzales
Special Agent Set - Ships
Rentokill - Sounds of a Pityful End
7YearsBadLuck - Die (The Next Few Times) (LIVE)
The Descendents - Cool to be You
7YearsBadLuck - The Man With a Thousand Faces (LIVE)
The Doublecross - The Small Escape
NOFX - Pods and Gods
Sick of it All - Call to Arms
7YearsBadLuck - Listless (LIVE)

Foolish, Fair Dos and The Emos!

This was a really great Thursday night at The Dog and Partridge! Foolish and Fair Dos were amazing and The Emos were as shambolic as ever! A really good turnout for a Thursday night, the recordings of the night will be up on this page soon!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Last night at The Dog and Partridge, Interkonnect put on Special Agent Set, GO heeled, Nephu Huzzband and Goonies Never Say Die. The Gig was absolutely brilliant with all the bands playing really good sets and a really good turnout. Recordings of the gig should be up soon for everyone to enjoy!

The next gig at The Dog is on Thursday night which features Foolish from Clermont-Ferrand France, Fair Dos from Blackburn and playing what could be there last gig in Bolton before they split up The Emos . As always the gig is free and is going to be pretty damn good!