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Monday, 18 July 2011

Leatherface, Saturday July 23rd

There’s a list of bands that have been more influential than successful. By successful I mean chart hitz, big arse tours, name in lights etc etc etc – Ah! for what is success?! The bands im alluding to are the Velvets (Underground train station, Husker Du(de), The Replacements (Hips). “Everyone that saw the band went out and formed one the next day” – yeah this is more in tune with the Velvet Undergrounds legacy than most but I feel the point moot.

For fans of punk the last quarter centaury have given us Leatherface. Sitting on the fringes of what was to fray into post hardcore and other such meaningless genres (yes they are), Leatherface have given us a back catalogue of music that has inspired and galvanized the British Punk scene, reinvigorated its followers and influence a new generation.

Formed the back end of the 80’s they have released a plethora of studio, live, compilation albums, with a fistfull of singles and EP’s to - Frankie Stubbs gravely vox emanating from one and all.

Leatherface wiki

It gives me immense pleasure that they agreed to play the Dog. It’s one of those weird gigs as it fast approaches I feel a mix of excitement and nerves. I’ll probably be talking about this gig for years to come. I suspect it won’t just be me.

Pale Moonlight (live)

Leatherface play the Saturday of the Punk Rock Weekender. See below poster for full line up and details.

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