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Monday, 29 August 2011

Hawthorns revisited

And what a weekend it was. See you at the next one ;)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ginger and Jackdaw4 slay Bolton

Biggest gig of this year. Went like a dream. Everyone enjoyed (even Pete Fairclough). See you soon boys. Thanks again.

GINGER: "Thank you Bolton for being the most amazing gig we've probably ever played. Great venue, great people, great memories."

WILLIE DOWLING (taken from the Jackdaw4 blog): "There’s no point in skirting around this. Last nights gig in Bolton was just plain weird. Weird in a very good way I should add. The Dog and Partridge must be the strangest venue I’ve ever played. A peculiar and tiny little ancient pub with odd shaped and exotically painted rooms at every turn, (see attached photo of John out blacking the man in cash), the smallest bar in Christendom with a hint of witchcraft and skullduggery in every breath you inhale. I’m thinking of moving in. The gig was outside in the cobbled courtyard and I’m therefore attributing to it the qualification of our first festival gig. The audience was both extraordinarily attractive and tremendously welcoming and frankly I can’t wait to go back with the full band.

Some very naughty person filmed most of the set too! I might link it up. Someday.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Thursday, years ago

Pick a Thursday anytime from the mid to late 90’s. Whether it’d be a lift or bus we’d be in Bolton from 8pm. Either one at Varsity or a couple at the Gypo’s. Or sometimes if we were ‘late’ a shotgunned bottle of Lambrini near the scrubland (the scrubland where Nervada used to sit. Where the Lads and Girls club is now) would do the job. No shame.

We’d always go downstairs to the front door – the entrance was situated half way up the staircase but I never remember walking up to the entrance – one swift left and your in.

At 9pm it’d be sparsely populated. Star would usually be dancing with Katy and bendy arm guy. Some heavy gothy thing. Neil would play 3 Bjork tracks back to back. He would only get away with this early on.

I’d take my place sat on a table near the mirrors. In front of me down the steps would be the bar covered in price stars (£1 CARLSBERG!!! VODKA JELLY!!! BUY YOUR HAWTHORNS LIGHTER!!!). To the left of me a group of girls making their way into the toilets. They’d stay in there all night.

Hindsight places rose tinted glasses on. They were good times. I can’t remember the bad.

You’d spend most of the rest of the night hugging people and shaking hands with friends and acquaintances that were slowly coming in.

Past midnight the place would be smoke filled and sweaty. One more bottle and Neil’s playing that weird version of ‘Going to Town’. I’m on the dancefloor with Bill and Nanook taking a coy look in the mirrors at how stupid we look. Fuck it. Shut your eyes. “Going to town, burn it down, turn around, and get your stroll on, baby.” No time to turn around he’s playing ‘Teethgrinder’. Here’s James!

Over the next 2 and a bit hours they’d be crawling out of dark corner, flooding out of the toilets and dancing wildly. Someone would be sat under a table, usually mine. “Who’s ordered chips at this time?”

‘Sweet Transvestite’s’ on. Look at the girls go. Some of the lads look terrified. Brilliant. Neil would start to pack up his record box, cd’s would or wouldn’t be collected (“He never fucking plays Butthole Surfers!”) and Bobby Darin clears his throat.

People who have pulled run out before the lights come on. Save that realisation till the morning. I light up a final cig whilst we all sing along. “Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear and it shows them pearly white.”

Here’s Si. He’d usually be kind enough give us a lift home. Not before we get a pizza from Marmaris. And someone would usually throw it up.

Hangovers never existed and we’d all been out, got drunk and got home for a tenner. None of this is probably true but who cares. It felt like it was. 

The Hawthorns Weekender is this weekend. Free in. DJ's from 9pm till Late. CARLSBERG £1!!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

"I'm going to book Ginger"

 As a 16 year old my bedroom wall was adorned with 3 massive posters (it was only a small room) – a live pic of Mike Patton, the cover of Troublegum and a pic of Ginger and Danny McCormack from the Wildhearts - the one where Gingers wearing the ‘Fucker’ t-shirt. I think Kerrang! gave it away. You might know it.
It’s now late April/early May 2011 and the Dog is still shaking after Hamell on Trial’s brilliant recent performance, Neil and I are talking about Dogstock and future big gigs.

“Fish is trying to book Ginger.”

I let out a giggle. No chance I thought. He’d be too expensive and he wouldn’t want to play our little venue. No way.

Monday August 15th and the Ginger gig at the Dog has all but sold out.

It’s on Thursday.

3 days away.

This has followed 2 weeks of pure stress due to it dawning on Fish, Neil and myself that we were really punching above our weight. Those two were pulling their hair out. I stroked my beard.

All the worry is now behind us and everything has finally fallen into place. Even the weather looks like it might do us a favour. Yep. I said it.

It really is a fucking buzz to have a gentlemen play our gaff who has written some of the finest rock songs I’ve ever clapped ears on. Between me and my mates James and Pat we must have seen the Wildhearts near 50 times. This, however, is going to be very special. The best of the lot.

With people travelling from as far as Aberdeen it’s obviously not just me who thinks this is going to be very special.

The bonus of Willie Dowling supporting just makes it all the better.

It’ll probably be best not to talk to me Thursday night as I’ll be too busy pinching myself. And then singing along. A lot.

What a year of gigs we’ve had and this might just top the lot.

See you in a few days people.

ml (excited)

Ginger plays the Dog on Thursday August 18th, Doors 7pm, £10

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Dog Archive

The Dog has its own YouTube archive.

Classic performances from Hamell on Trial, Leatherface, Cougar, The Great St Louis, FlatPaktMind and Free Diamonds are all on there along with much other stuff. Have a look. It'll be worth your while.


Out Fold, The Minions and much more

Ah the weekend is upon us and we've got two wonderful showings for you.


For free this Friday coming (12th August) we have the ever wonderful Minions: LISTEN
Usually a headline act in their own right, the Minions play first due to the fact their singer owes me a Twix.

Second up one of the BEST bands I’ve heard in a looooooong time. Do you like rock? Do you like tunes n stuff? You’ll fucking love BD! I love the Wildhearts and from that liking am in love with this band HAVE A GANDER

And finally, this is the Breakdowns first gig at the Dog in a very very long time. In fact, they weren’t called the Breakdown then. And non of the band members were in the band. I’m sure we shouldn’t be calling this a return and more calling it their debut. CHECK DIS

And if that wasn't enough, Badvibes DJ's will spin you out into the early morn.


Our Fold return!

One of the areas biggest bands appear at the Dog for the first time in a very long time.

This special hometown warm up show is to get the boys ready for their slots at Reading & Leeds Festival.

Support comes from The Jade Assembly and Ooh Baby Yeah!

Both nights are free entry (of course they are). Doors on Friday at 7pm and 6pm on Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you down there. It's going to be one hell of a weekend.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Memories of Leatherface

What a night it was!

There's a vid of the boys playing 'Diego Garcia' and 'Little White God' here and photos taken by the lovely Gerry Baines below.