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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ginger and Jackdaw4 slay Bolton

Biggest gig of this year. Went like a dream. Everyone enjoyed (even Pete Fairclough). See you soon boys. Thanks again.

GINGER: "Thank you Bolton for being the most amazing gig we've probably ever played. Great venue, great people, great memories."

WILLIE DOWLING (taken from the Jackdaw4 blog): "There’s no point in skirting around this. Last nights gig in Bolton was just plain weird. Weird in a very good way I should add. The Dog and Partridge must be the strangest venue I’ve ever played. A peculiar and tiny little ancient pub with odd shaped and exotically painted rooms at every turn, (see attached photo of John out blacking the man in cash), the smallest bar in Christendom with a hint of witchcraft and skullduggery in every breath you inhale. I’m thinking of moving in. The gig was outside in the cobbled courtyard and I’m therefore attributing to it the qualification of our first festival gig. The audience was both extraordinarily attractive and tremendously welcoming and frankly I can’t wait to go back with the full band.

Some very naughty person filmed most of the set too! I might link it up. Someday.

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