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Thursday, 22 September 2011


J. Whitters old D and P sign (pictured above) has seen better days. It's been up there through rain, wind and snow (and the occasional sunny day) for nearly 7 years. Neil and Terry think its high time for a new design and we want you to have a crack.

PRIZE: A gallon of beer (in tokens - to be used at your leisure) as well as the main deal of your sign being put up outside the pub for all to see!

The winning design will be selected over December so the cut off point to get yours in is December the 1st.

Let your imagination run wild! Also have a go at doing a design ;)

To enter your design message a link to the Dog's Facebook account (links below), drop it off at the pub (and have a beer while you're there) or fax it to 01204 333333 


Sunday, 18 September 2011

BREAKING: Moon Wiring Club 01/10/11

Some of us were hoping for a slowdown. Why? Because I'm shattered. Next thing you know everyone's getting excited about Moon Wiring Club. Again, why? Well Brooker will tell you why.

It is 7am and the year is 1974. You cannot sleep so you turn the dial on the TV and wait for the static to settle. A funny bearded man is writing complex equations and there's this strange music playing all the while, foggy in your barely-awake brain. And thirty-seven years later, even though you never understood the maths, the sound has not left your head.

It is this ability to plumb the hidden layers of the unconscious and suppressed thought that makes Moon Wiring Club such a force. It evokes the past but is not nostalgic. It is electronic music, yes, but that's not even half the story. The ticking and haunting and creeping sense of dread reach inside to areas that pure programming offers no access; familiarity being cruelly twisted in a hallucinatory kaleidoscope, your dreams being smashed with a hammer and pieced together again with cobwebs.

Who MWC actually are (or is) and where they (or him/her) are from is something of a mystery. How this strange, bewildering music is made is a conundrum too. Messages from the underground bunker MWC are holed up in make reference to everything being composed on a PS1, on the seminal game 'Music'. We here at the Dog & Partridge believe this is probably an entertaining fib and the outfit are trying to push people away from the 'how' and toward engagement on a deeper psychic level.

If this all sounds a bit Paul Morley, don't worry: it's fun! MWC might be partly to do with turning your childhood upside down, but in a way you can dance AND enjoy the spectacular visual display. Like the music suggests, video matter will be confined to the weird, the wonky, the darkly-remembered avenues of the cerebral cortex. With trembling lights and a fine-tuned soundsystem to best convey this sensory hijack, don't be surprised if you emerge with your DNA changed.

Yes, I know. I'd probably want to get a ticket too if I hadn't already got mine. Where from? Here from:

Thursday, 15 September 2011

More from Ginger

Not filmed by my good self but someone else. Here's a whole bunch more from the Ginger gig at the Dog a couple of months back (I'm not able to put the vids on here but click HERE and it should take you where you need to be).

Be good ;)

Friday Oct 28th: How loud can a gig be?


10 LOUD!? No!


The Kiss Off could be celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Or they might not be. WHO CARES! This is only their second Bolton gig this year. Come any stroke them with your eyes! Horror! Violence! Noise! Hairy Bass player! The Kiss Off are a rock n' roll band!

Princess Die will be launching there fabulous 'Muckhouse' album on this night. 20 minutes of sheer Belmcore (!) joy. Blink and you'll miss em. SO DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BLINKING!

Ooh Baby Yeah! have set fire to everything to everything that moves this year. Coming back after their celebrated support slot with Our Fold to spray you holes with musical spunk (sorry). Watch the drummer! Point at the bass played! DON'T SAY the singer looks like he should be in Bros!

FREE FREE FREE with TRASH DJ's afterward till fucking late.

FB group: 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

LOUSIE DISTRAS, Wayne Lost Soul and Chris Evans

Ah, it’s like a hurricane has hit.

The last two months have been massive round these parts. You look around the place and mental pictures float back. Ginger, Willie Dowling and friends stood in the small room in front of the posters. Frankie Stubbs sat on the steps at the side of the stage smiling after the Leatherfaces killer performance. The six fucking deep queue at the bar most of the evening at OurFold. The dance floor filled with people hugging saying “I haven’t seen you in years!” at the Hawthorns Weekender and last night Louise Distras stood stage front silhouetted by the lights banging out tune after tune.

Lou got the full Bolton experience. Kipping over at the Dog, staying up till light chewing the fat, nipping downstairs to help out after some CUNT smashed the front window AGAIN and then being woken up by The Managers rocking up and rehearsing downstairs Sunday style. We’ve ALL been there :)

Ah, Lou. You’re welcome back anytime chuck.

Pics and vid (not yet!) below.

Cheers to Jeff Dawson for the pics.