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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

29/10/11: The Ministry for Soul and Funk finally delivers

I’m not the biggest fan of covers bands.

It’s probably years of hearing Freebird / Don’t Believe A Word / Smoke On The Water ad infinitum at my local. Also they usually cost a fortune. Sorry if you’re in a covers band but it’s fucking true ;)

So after saying that, we’ve got a covers band on this weekend but forget the description above.

Northern Souls played their first gig at Dogstock. They filed onstage, plugged in and blew everyone else away. We’ve been trying to get ‘em back ever since but to now avail.

Until now.

Don’t be fooled by the name, you wont need to bring your talc (well not until later anyway), these lot play a killer mix of 60’s and 70’s funk and soul - kicking your arse until you shake it. Don’t believe me? Check these videos:

How to follow that? We’re letting Saturday night favourite Liam Maloney loose with his vast collection of Northern Soul (you can get your talc now), Funk and Soul vinyl. If anyone witnessed his killer set at SGG 3 years ago (and it does live in the memory if you were there) you know you’ll be in for a treat.

Did I mention it’s free entry? No.

It’s free entry.

No excuses.

See you there.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Badvibes - The Posters

God bless Badvibes. 
Is the night as good as the posters? Yes. See for yourself every other Friday. Check Dogan d'Partridges facebook for more details.

See more of Adams work at

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The View From The Moon

Taken from




As fine an array of gadgets, gizmos and boxes of tricks as you'll find in any mad audio scientist's laboratory... (And some spare batteries, just in case!)