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Monday, 12 December 2011

Ash Mandrake, Second Hand Wings, Injun Joe, Sarah Dixon

Friday December 17th. Christmas well on the way. Its cold, its dark. How depressing!

Don’t fret though people we’ve got an antidote in the form of a gig to warm those cockles, get smiles back on faces and to set you up for those lovely – and not at all stressful (!) – festive holidays.

Sarah Dixon first visit to the Dog. Managed by our mate Dave Nailor at 1000watt, Sarah’s is a real find with a stunning voice. Songs about running away, falling in love and having your heart torn from its seams – not as grim as it sounds. Check her out:  
Hats, Vikings, seagulls! No, this isn’t the worst game of word association you’ve ever heard, these are all words close to Ash Madrake’s heart. Musician and milliner Ash flips open the top of his head (metaphorically) and spews forth visions and tales from his alternative universe.

Home made instrumentation, crowd participation, excitement for hat fans across the nation. Marvellously bonkers, absolutely unmissable. Not have a fucking clue what I’m on about, check this video:

The Dogs Sunday acoustic nights are the stuff of legend - people coming from far and wide with acoustics in hand playing tunes, telling stories and sharing a beer. Every so often a new face appears and blows everyone away (metaphorically). Injun Joe was one such artist. Travelling over from Leeds college and playing music so heartbreaking fragile three people rang me up holding up their phones to the PA to let me hear. “You have to book him.” – Neil Piper

So we did, and here’s his stuff:
You all must know Second Hand Wings. After a brilliant performance at this years Dogsotck it’s a real pleasure to get em back to their ‘beautifully presented folky pop songs.’ A fitting end to a great night:

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