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Saturday, 21 January 2012

SATURDAY JANUARY 28TH – Gigantes, Spitting Cobra, Neurosync, Undergrowth

Fantastic news! I’ve got a cold.

OK, that’s not fantastic news but it is news. Factual. Facts.

Another fact is we’ve got an awesome gig this Saturday coming. A good old fashioned Dog and Partridge mish-mash.

First up is Undergrowth. A Dog Debut. A heavy rock band formed over a beer. Sounds perfect. Sounds?:

Next is local lot Neurosync for their first appearance within the hallowed walls. Formed early 2005 as a Jayson Franks solo project. Perhaps ‘formed’ is the wrong word. After a few musicians failed to cut the muster the band have a settled line up and are currently working on a second album. Check out the live cut of ‘So?’ below:

The next band have a e.p. called 'Angel Tits'. Yes! Guitar and laptop combo Spitting Cobra fuck together elements of noise, psych, electronica, lo-fi and post-rock. Aparently. In fact (back to facts again) they do! How do I know? I’ve listened with my ears. You should too:

Gigantes are from Liverpool but don’t hold that against them (fnar). Two synths, one drum kit. Capeesh? No? Awesome proggy, doomy goodness featuring members of Kling Klang and Black Octagon. Yes? Good. More aural fodder for you:   Moonboots by GIGANTES

Usual drill. Free in from 7pm. First band on around 2130 and DJ's til fucking late.
I'm off to blow my nose.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Do you like the Kinks?

I've only just opened my eyes since Chrismtas/New Year. How was it for you?


You're probably wondering why I'm asking whether you like wonderful 60s pop band the Kinks aren't you? Well I'm about to explain with a bit of writing.....after these videos

Last year Neuron No! joined up with Minions guitarist/Total Victory drummer James Ellams to perform classic Queen tracks. It was an absolute blast (click vid below). 


Off the back of this the NN! boys have decided to take on most of the back catalogue of their fav band, you guessed it, the Kinks.

1 hour of pure pop bliss followed by Boardy (from TRASH) and Dan Brookes (Total Victory) DJing until the very early.

Welcome back, happy new year.