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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Merry Hell: Visual and Audio

Taken from a grand night the back end of last year.

Hi Quality if you so wish.

Monday, 26 March 2012


A key component: Corinthians (band)

A three then four piece based/formed around the Wigan area who blasted their shit all over the place for a few years. They were truly great.

When it all came apart – it usually does – the band became a dandelion clock providing us with new shoots/new tunes.

Basser Thom settled down with the glorious Murmurs of Tension – pillow like harmonies moving towards Zappa areas later.

Drum face Adam started metronoming for his bothers Drum and Bass Orchestra which later turned into TheBrokenDoor.

The voice and guitar, Dan, moved onto Total Victory. Sort of recruiting people from bands in Bolton to weave his repetitive visions and plant seeds of underlying melody.

After Murmers split – bands usually do – Thom did some cleaning and then wrote some new tunes. Some of these ended up being Death Masks and, after a couple of exploding bass players and a couple of minor line up tweeks, they’re finally here!

As for a description, well, words fail me as I have them. Just file it under ‘ace’ or have a listen below.

Codex Leicester were Death of London and somewhere in between were probably Angry Birmingham Eyes or Northampton Sandwich or something.

They’ve been Boltoned at least twice in their former guise but have yet to feel the towns warmth with the new moniker.

There’s also a vague whiff of swapsies going on with Codex taking TV to their gaff on the Sunday.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? Let’s not lose face now.

Check this lot out and look forward to attending.

Total Victory - darlings of French radio. See! It doesn't always have to happen to a vet.

Fresh from ignoring gigging for months and off the back of near completion of LP2, TV! return.

Spiky, feisty and upfront - always grabbing your attention. Or at the very least shouting at you from afar.

We wait for fresh cuts off the aforementioned newLP 'National Service' with breath baited and are thourally moist regarding their return.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Dogstock 2012: More band announcements

NEURON NO: Truly excellent barmy trio return to the Dog fresh after recent EP release. Corking set early on at last years Dogstock has seen em spring up the bill on Saturday night. Fall in love all over again why do you:

BLACK DYNAMITE: Black Dynamite are in all probability the norths best rock band. It’s that simple. Go and listen if you don’t believe. Monday will prove it:

OUR HELICAL MIND: One performance is all it took last year for us to make these boys a defo for Dogstock. This 2-piece outfit from Nottingham, UK. Combining elements of Breakbeat, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Funk bring the noise to an ecletic Monday. Not. To. Be. Missed:

DUCKWORTH: From the ashes of Postcards, the Emo’s and Smudge comes one of the years most hotly anticipated acts. Belting post hardcore punk to open the Sunday. Expect em headlining next year:

INJUN JOE: An artist that came, saw and conquered one Sunday night over last summer. Compared to Bon Ivor, Microphones and any other beautiful melancholic acoustic music – hard names to follow. No issue for this Leeds based lad:

Friday, 16 March 2012

Dogstock 2012 : Here we go #1

Here we go again. Seriously, here we bloody go again.

Bigger (the Queens fault) and better than last year – yes I know we always say that but it genuinely is. We’ve had a scientist prove it and you can’t beat science.

Dogstock 2012 is Saturday June 2nd, Sunday June 3rd and Monday June 4th.

“A Monday finish?” – yes, a Monday finish. This is where our monarch starts to become involved. Lizzy Queen (to use her full name) is celebrating her diamond jubilee and thus our usual Dogstock bank holiday – end of May - has been moved to the beginning of June. Still, a MONDAY finish!? Well the bonus is HRH has slapped us a bank holiday Tuesday too! Lovely stuff!

Tickets, as per, will be £6 a day or £10 for the weekend. And what a weekend.

I'll be announcing bands on here and on the FB group over the next few weeks.

Here's your first lot:

Our Fold: Westhoughton behemoths turn up to headline their first Dogstock (really?). Tunes abound and party times are to be had. Keep your Saturday night free.

To The Bones: Bolton rock legends, fresh from going round the country punching people in the face the boys and girl return to close out Sunday night.

Jeremiah Ferrari: Remember this lot from last year’s Dogstock? 200+ people dancing in the rain? A real shame if you don’t. Currently becoming one of THE North West bands on the rise, get your dancing pants on and Monday night will be your time.

Arse Full Of Chips: Nottingham, so much to answer for. Saturday night with the Arse is surely going to be one other THE talking points of the fest. Offensive – possibly, brilliant – definitely.

Northern Souls: Fabulous soul and funk was just what the doctor ordered for last years ‘Stock. This year will be no different. THIS is dance music.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


James and his brother have been fans of the Tansads for as long as I’ve known em. I’m remember James playing me ‘Up the Shirkers’ to me when I was younger. I wasn’t a fan. I probably didn’t think it was ‘punk’ enough or something. Wanker. Your music tastes broaden as you age. Thankfully.

Wiki, “The Tansads were an English band from Wigan, Greater Manchester who were active during the 1990s. Playing a mix of folk, punk and indie music they developed a strong following on the festival circuit and on the crusty/traveller scene but never managed to achieve a commercial breakthrough. Their ultimately unsuccessful career later became the subject of a book by former member Ed Jones.”

James brother Paul was eventually instrumental in cajoling the Tansads into reforming in 2010 reforming for 3 heady sold out nights at St Helens wonderful Citadel.

It wasn’t long after Merry Hell were born.

Before Paul awayed to a new life somewhere other than here (he misses Vimto, Chocolate and Morehouses bitter) he gave me a contact for Merry Hells manager/sorter outer Damian and we promptly met up at the Hamell on Trial to iron out the finer details of organising a MH gig.

This sorted gig took place six months ago. Positive reviews abounded and new fans made. MH played a 90 minutes set of new material from their just released record ‘Blink and you’ll miss it’ and some Tansads classics. By the end of a breathless version of ‘Up the Revolution’…..a mass singalong. Always leave em wanting more.




This weekend.

I’m excited by their return. I’m catching up on lost time with MH and the Tansads. I’ll listen to ‘Up the Shirkers’ before I set out.  

They’re bringing along friends too with Motorpike, Sidecarp and Pauline Blackburn coming along to support. Holding up the Bolton end are agit-poppers the Chris Evans Collective. It promises to be a night of top tunes and much joy.

£3 will gain you entry and if you’re not rushing to get a train or bus home we’ve got DJs that’ll get you boogying into tomorrow and a bar primed with drink for you to forget that you're dancing.

On top of all this, Paul’s back for his first taste of Merry Hell. 

The moons have aligned. Make sure you don’t miss out.

MERRY HELL 2200-2300