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Monday, 26 March 2012


A key component: Corinthians (band)

A three then four piece based/formed around the Wigan area who blasted their shit all over the place for a few years. They were truly great.

When it all came apart – it usually does – the band became a dandelion clock providing us with new shoots/new tunes.

Basser Thom settled down with the glorious Murmurs of Tension – pillow like harmonies moving towards Zappa areas later.

Drum face Adam started metronoming for his bothers Drum and Bass Orchestra which later turned into TheBrokenDoor.

The voice and guitar, Dan, moved onto Total Victory. Sort of recruiting people from bands in Bolton to weave his repetitive visions and plant seeds of underlying melody.

After Murmers split – bands usually do – Thom did some cleaning and then wrote some new tunes. Some of these ended up being Death Masks and, after a couple of exploding bass players and a couple of minor line up tweeks, they’re finally here!

As for a description, well, words fail me as I have them. Just file it under ‘ace’ or have a listen below.

Codex Leicester were Death of London and somewhere in between were probably Angry Birmingham Eyes or Northampton Sandwich or something.

They’ve been Boltoned at least twice in their former guise but have yet to feel the towns warmth with the new moniker.

There’s also a vague whiff of swapsies going on with Codex taking TV to their gaff on the Sunday.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? Let’s not lose face now.

Check this lot out and look forward to attending.

Total Victory - darlings of French radio. See! It doesn't always have to happen to a vet.

Fresh from ignoring gigging for months and off the back of near completion of LP2, TV! return.

Spiky, feisty and upfront - always grabbing your attention. Or at the very least shouting at you from afar.

We wait for fresh cuts off the aforementioned newLP 'National Service' with breath baited and are thourally moist regarding their return.

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