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Monday, 25 June 2012

TheBrokenDoor presents.....

How good were they on Saturday?

Jaw. Dropping.

A little clip for your perusal to bring a memory or two flooding back:

I'm guessing you all know this isn't the first 'BrokenDoor presents' yeah?

What you didn't?!

Well, being the talented and kind souls they are, you can download the last 3 performances for free!

What a Glorious Feelin'
Pure Imagination
No Place Like Home

Do do do!


Biblical proportions

Many apologies for the postponement of Fridays gig. Although we don't have any pics of it, look at these shots below and imagine them in the cellar!

Looking to reschedule Dave's retirement do for mid July. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Friday June 22nd: A retirement

On Friday David Shuttleworth will be celebrating his retirement. A wonderful night of excellent things will be happening. 

Know him or not, come down and bask in what will be an unforgettable night.

God bless you Dave

Dave Parsnips Retirement do


- beatbox Sy, amazing human beatbox
- Jenny Shuttleworth: nice sweetness n delight amongst the mayhem
- what the fuck's a parsnip? musical nonsense from the kings of eclecticalness, reunited after 9 years plus extensive musical collaborative reworkings

get there before 9 or you'll miss the fun.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Putting Dogstock to bed

Putting things to bed

Dogstock 2012 made my brain hurt. There you go I’ve said it.

Loads of money spent. Loads of money had to be recouped. Loads of bands to play. Loads of bands to be organised. Tickets. Wristbands. Heart. Attack. Nervous. Breakdown. 

 Ahh well. 

It really was worth it even though I only feel like I’ve just recovered.

I’ve been asked by a few people to pick a highlight. I really can’t. Things do stick out in my mind. Looking down on a packed yard on the last night was pretty stunning. The way EVERYONE rallied round on the second day to avert disaster. And obviously ALL the performances. I really mean all. It’s going to be a struggle topping it next year but we’re already on it (and we are taking requests). 

I did a ton of filming, Chris recorded all the bands and a million photos have been taken. Below is a small selection  but do venture forth internet wise and find what you can find. If you have footage or photos do not hesitate to send it our way. The more the better.