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Thursday, 23 August 2012

August Bank Holiday: Hushed Puppies Acoustic Festival (Paws For Kids)

The bank holiday is trundling up to us like a drunk Baboon in Leigh and on it's back it carries a box of both music and joy. No, I'm not drunk. IT'S TRUE.

You know the Dog likes to do its bit for charity when it can. This weekend it no exception. We've tarted up and extended our usual acoustic fest (call it a re-boot if you're that way inclined) and local charity Paws For Kids are lined up to be the worth beneficiaries.

Here's Louise Morris with what to expect

"Our new and improved annual Acoustic Festival bringing you the best in local and out of town unplugged artists and bands, in conjuction with local charity Paws for Kids. Paws for Kids aim to relieve the pressures on families escaping domestic violence by providing a child-centred service to help reduce the long-term effects of witnessing or experiencing domestic violence and temporary fostering of pets belonging to these families.

Games including Sweeties in a Jar, Roll for Jack to win a bottle of Jack Dan

iels, Football Cards, Tombola and a Raffle. Some of the Raffle prizes including a Dr Who fish tank donated from Pets at Home, £25 voucher for Stefs, Teddy donated by Teddybear Workshop and £38 giftset donated by Lush.

Food - Pasty barms from Warburtons and Carrs Pasties.

Outside Bar and above all else wonderful wonderful music.

£3 for the day and £5 for the weekend with half the money going to Paws for Kids." 
Here's a lovely write up from the folks a Talent Pool
August bank holiday is set to be a noisy few days with the number of music events taking place in the local area. One of the more obscure choices is the HUSHED PUPPIES ACOUSTIC FESTIVAL, taking place at The Dog and Partridge (Manor Street, Bolton) and offering “weird and wonderful” acoustic music, from jazz to grime to metal and everything in between over Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August.

Co-organiser, Dan Lever, explained to Talent Pool that “Hushed Puppies has been instigated by Louise Morris of the PAWS FOR KIDS charity. They’re a local charity providing support for families torn apart by domestic violence. When people say that charity should begin at home, this is what they’re thinking of – Paws For Kids provide a vital lifeline for women and children trapped in horrendous situations, right here in Bolton.” The landlord at the venue, Neil Piper, responded to Louise’s request to hold a charity event by organising a two-day festival, featuring a excellent standard of performers from location as far as  Finland, Iraq and Horwich to lend their talents. The venue has a massive reputation for top notch acoustic music of all varieties, and this diversity is well represented in the line-up.

According to Dan, all the acts on the bill are of “top notch” quality. He went on to say “Acoustic performances are terrifying, as any musician will tell you – if you’re used to hiding behind a wall of noise, drums and amps, it feels very strange to be onstage armed only with your voice, your fingers and a piece of wood or two. I think the acts I’m most looking forward to seeing are the acts who are operating the furthest from their comfort zone – drum ‘n bass monsters “The Broken Door” being a prime example.”

Hushed Puppies has a great deal to offer musically, including Finnish blues ace (pictured right – bit of a local legend) Rambling Rob Young agreeing to fly over for the gig, and for something a bit different there is a puppet show taking place on the  Saturday night courtesy of “Puppetual Motion” – probably the UK’s foremost puppeteer, post-Rod Hull, performing at Glastonbury and many other festivals every year.

So if you’re after something a bit different this bank holiday, head down the the Hushed Puppies festival at The Dog and Partridge and support, as Dan puts it, “loads of great music, made by people who live, eat, and breathe for the sole purpose of creating amazing, soul wrenching, foot stomping music. It’s happening all the time, a couple of miles from where you live.”
Sounds fantastic doesn't it. Below is the line up with a FB link right at the bottom. It all kicks off on Saturday at 1500hours promt. Looking forward to seeing you there.



11.30 - RAMBLING ROB YOUNG - Finnish Delta blues ace

11.00 - BANDERSNATCH - 6 piece folk leviathan

10.30 - JAMES M CARSON - West Coast Americana style songsmith

10.00 - BROKEN DOOR – Improv drum and bass – acoustic?

9.10 - INJUN JOE - Spooky folk

8.40 - THE MIGHTY SWOB - Local four piece

8.10 - OOK AND THE ELEPHANT - Vocally driven melodic stomp

7.55 - PUPPETUAL MOTION - puppet show

7.25 - THROWING PANDAS - male/female harmony songwriting duo

6.55 - KARM - Southport psychedelic 3 piece

6.25 - SECOND HAND WINGS - Folky harmony pop

6.05 - DON McCOLL - growly singer-songwriter

5.35 - UZ3 - Old timey blues and jazz harmony trio

5.05 – TROUBLE feat. DNA - Local grime artists

4.35 - JOE S.A.S. - acoustic punk pop

4.05 - TOBY CAMERON – Breezy boppin’ folk rock


11.30 - BIGSBY BROTHERS - Jazz trio

11.00 - JOHN SMETHURST - Jazz/prog rock dynamo

10.30 - MOCHACKERS - Sweet ramshackle drinking music

10.00 - KEV BATES - Wizard

9.30 - ELVIS HARDY - Rock monster

9.00 - SARIA - Powerpop

8.30 - BEN AND JAY SHEPERD - Horn wielding men of action in soul mode

8.00 - GEMMA MOONEY - Vocal ukelele artist

7.30 - HAPPY YAKS - Folk band

7.00 - MARTIN TAYLOR - Pianoman extraordinaire

6.30 - MATT LEONARD AND STEVEN HUTCHINSON - Northern punk folk

6.00 - DEAN LANE - Wigan based singer songwriter

5.30 - LYNN COLLIER JELLY and TONY DEVLIN - Folk singer, room stopper, accompanied by top bohran player

5.00 - DAN NICHOLLS - Singer/songwriter, steeped in Dylan.

4.30 - MARGAUX '64 - Acoustic duo

4.00 - DAVID JUBB - Milk Punx frontman, growls and roots music

3.30 MARK REID - Novelty songs, 80s driving music, showtune standards

3.00 GAGE BOOBIER - great name, great voice. Great name.

2.30 VAIN ZARATHUSTRA - A short play written by Mark Reid


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