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Thursday, 4 October 2012

It'll soon be Christmas

Sorry. What a shitty post title.


Instead of singling out any one particular gig I've decided to type up a more general post informing you of some of the quality turns we've got coming up the non too distant future.

Ahem. Sorry about that.


Without further ado. This weekend, after much moaning from a few regular Dog goers, Total Victory return with Martin Battle's new lot The Brogue Kicks in tow.

Opening up the night like some cold handed gynecologist is Neil Jarvis. Neil usually flys solo (performs alone) but I've been warned he'll be rocking up with a full electric experience. Experience? Yes, experience. Below is a small video of his way. Touch play and feel susceptible.

The Brogue Kicks (wrestling reference) are basically a trimmed down Hector. Remember them? No? Well now's a chance to come down an enjoy the energy that these lot force out (like a poo - no not really).

Fancy a taste? An exciting taste? Check this hypermodern video.

Total Victory have been around the block. Like some wiley old slag. But on their block travels they changed the block into a cube. It is their way. So now, after the dust of the shape change has settled, our thoughts turn to less conventional roof raising activities. NOTE: Last Dog performance for a while (unit of time). Be down or be damned.


Very much so looking forward to hearing/seeing Ryland of GSL fame performing with his new band Paper Town. Northumbrian folk stylings. Warms the heart. Check this out.

Supporting will be much loved Boltonian duo Throwing Pandas. There might be another one of two on the bill and I'll be sure to let you know if this happens. Onward and upward all the way.

Right. I'm off to have my tea. I'll see you soon.


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