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01204 388596.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


It never escapes my thoughts that every time MH come and play for us I believe it’ll be the last time. Not because we’ve fallen out. Nor they don’t like the cut of our jib. It’s just the fact that it can’t be long till they hit the major circuits (again).

It must be exciting times for MH. The daunting task of following up their wonderful debut has been completed and is on the cusp of release. So it is with no little excitement that we welcome them back to the Dog at an important time for them.

I’m sure we’ll be in for a mix of the old and the new. Whatever they play we’ll all be hoarse at the end of the night.

On top of this I’m very happy that Paper Town have agreed to play too. When I’ve got my promoters hat on, matching bands sounds on a gig night isn’t high on my priorities. I’ll have no issue with a grunge band playing with an acoustic folk artist. Drum and bass with Grindcore (actually, that sounds excellent). I trust in the average patron of the Dogs rounded musical pallet.


Paper Town and Merry Hell go together SO WELL I am extremely proud to have them on the same bill.

Free in.

See you Saturday.

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