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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

DOGSTOCKTERVIEW #2: Neuron No/Limbs (Michael Chadwick)

Hello Michael, are you fine?

Yes, good thanks, In-fact I’m HB (pencil joke). Today I went to the aquarium and touched a stingray so I’m feeling pretty full of myself at the moment.

A Stingray, before

Right, Dogstock 2013, Neuron No are back to play the Sunday this year but not a usual run of the mill set though. Songs from ‘Tin Can’. Care to explain?

So…not interested in my Stingray experience? Fine, well Neuron No and my other band Limbs have joined forces for the past year to write the music for a new musical called “Tin Can” that me and Mr. Dick Perkins have created. We thought Dogstock would be the perfect stage for us to don our spacesuits and give people a proper taste of the music we have been brewing up. Just the music mind, the full production with actors will be coming later in the year…

You mentioned something to me the other day that I still can’t quite get my head around. Something about **NAME REMOVED **?

Yes! Well it is Dogstock so we thought we would pull out an extra stop. We decided that rather than having me confusingly babble about the Tin Can story in between each song, we would try and find a celebrity narrator to record the links instead for a bit of fun. None of it is confirmed yet, we are in negotiations. Weather we manage it or not and who the mystery man is will be revealed in errrr a FLASH! at Dogstock (that’s a clue by the way). It will be amazing if it happens, hopefully he will address Dogstock and even howl like a dog for one song.

That’s amazing. I know this isn’t a question but I just want to put that out there. That is amazing.

So, Dogstock. You’ve been a mainstay on the bill in the last few years. Do you enjoy the experience (sounds dumb but some genuinely don’t)?

DAAAWGGGGSTOCKKKK!! I know that isn’t an answer, but I just want to put that out there too. It also is an answer really if you say it in the way I’m hearing it in my head. Hopefully people are, but just to be clear, it’s a triumphant and excited voice. Its saying “yes I enjoy Dogstock” without the need to actually say it. But just to be clear, yes I enjoy Dogstock. It’s one of the highlights of the year and something all bands want to play extra ace for, can’t wait.

Anyone else on the bill you are looking forward too?
The Managers are superb at the moment, sounding really fantastic and playing some immense tunes. Don’t miss them!! Princess Die were 20 minutes of pure brilliant silliness last time I saw them, oh and seeing if the Shep’s can still pull off the scissorkicks for the Leaf gig will be awesome.

And finally, what biscuit did I put in your jeans?

Wait a minute! Is this a reference to ‘What Biscuit Did I Put In Your Jeans aka Gameshow Tycoon, the smash hit of last summer from Limbs’ fantastic debut album OLYMPICS? (Matthew nods mischievously, I’ve caught him out and he knows he’s on the ropes). Well knowing you it’s a Bourbon, but I’m holding out for a Ferero Rocher.


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