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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chris Evans RIP

Chris Evans RIP, Matt Evans - Total Victory former head of Evening Economies

It’s with a heavy heart that I say Chris Evans from The Chris Evans Collective is no longer with us. Chris was not only a talented songwriter and musician but a major contributor and facilitator for the Bolton music community for as long as I’ve been a part of it (and before). Through live engineering, recording bands, filming and editing music videos, working at rehearsal studios, performing at gigs and acoustic nights I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say that this man played a massive part in the music scene. But it wasn’t just musicians that he affected. If you met him in the pub then I’m sure your ears are still ringing from one of his frantic political rants and his refusal to accept the 1974 boundary changes (“St Helens is in fucking Lancashire”). He was probably the only person who could call you a cunt to your face and make it sound warm and friendly.

Chris EvansChris was in the process of taking over the running of the label and the last time I met him (during a break from recording his friend Charlie’s music) he was bursting with ideas and plans for the future. I think that will be my lasting memory of Chris - the energy, the ideas and the laughter (that laugh! I can hear that Mancunian machinegun laughter ringing in my ears now). Plus all the swearing. I don’t want to get too mawkish as I’m sure that Chris would have just called me a ‘miserable cunt’ so I’ll leave you with some of Chris’s lyrics which seem like pretty good advice to me

‘and we’ll all have a drink again tonight
Close our eyes tight and pray that it’s alright
We’ll all die a little more inside
Remember those not here but never out of sight
Let’s all raise a glass to the gaps in class
Forget all the things that we need
We might as well be searching for the big nineteen’

For those of us with memories we’ll be keeping them alive at this weekend’s Dogstock festival where Chris raised many a glass in the past and we’ll be raising many to him in the future. Luckily for everyone else he left a cracking debut album. The man himself uploaded it to grooveshark a few months ago for everyone to enjoy both fee and advert free so I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded me posting it here. Enjoy it you set of cunts.!/album/search-for-the-big-nineteen/8744948

Chris Evans

Matt Evans

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