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Sunday, 12 May 2013

FORTHCOMING - A Form of Truth: Dogstock 2013

I like to think the panic I get around this time of year is just ‘reflex panic’.

I should be worried, so I am.

Learned anxiety.

The bands and everything get sorted out earlier and earlier every time – and for the bands that ask it is true, I’m not just being a cunt.

We had a “75% list” by Dec 2012 the usual mix of old and new. I’m happy to say more new than previous years.

Chances have to be taken – people to be challenged.

People who have wanted to play for ageeees have finally got the chance, others have earned it in under 12 months. Some have bribed, others choices are borderline nepotism.


We stop when its full but more importantly we stop when it looks right.

When it rolls.

The way we ‘roll’ this year is…..a day of monolith like rock in the middle – not one type of rock (don’t fret), a rock of many layers. The starter is a complex tie in of bands with no discernible link but a line up which feels right.

Were back to feeling again.

The stick I’m gonna get from all sides by putting an, albeit brilliant, Iron Maiden covers act on betwixt a couple of humorous musical acts…..

With them are the rifftastic blast from the past that is leaf.

They are a band that when they reformed and agreed, made this weekend already a bit more special than it would already have been – obviously no detriment to everyone else playing – it’s just a joy to see them back.

Sunday – always a favourite – it the usual, wonderful mixed bag. Debut MCs, big bands, scratch DJs, debut performance of a musical. It really is all there.

And with performance like that who gives a rats arse about the weather. If you do, we have cagoules. This is not to say we’re expecting rain… wait!

I don’t want to start sounding all award speech – especially since nothing has happened yet – but it does make me happy how many people are giving up their time to help out. Both paid and unpaid.

Without you lot helping, watching, enjoying this would all be pointless. Remember that.

And on that note – 11 days.

See you down there.

DAY PRICE £6 (on the door)  
1920-1950 Saria
2010-2040 Flat Stanley
2100-2130 Blood Brothers
2150-2220 Captain Hotknives
2240-2310 Leaf
2330-0000 Arse Full of Chips

1550-1620 Black Jack Casino
1640-1710 Princess Die
1730-1800 Effluence
1820-1850 The Kiss Off
1920-1950 Monster Island
2010-2040 Paper Town
2100-2130 The Newds
2150-2220 Great St Louis
2240-2310 Total Victory
2330-0000 To The Bones

1430-1530 The Managers
1600-1630 Trouble & Bam C Major
1640-1710 Ook and the Elephant
1730-1800 Some Bird
1820-1850 The Minions
1920-1950 Don Blake
2010-2040 Neuron No
2100-2130 Two Weeks Running
2150-2220 Duke01 ft. Furious P
2240-2310 Suburban Sons
2330-0000 Jeramiah Ferrari

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