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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

D O G . G O D


So, in the words of the great faithless, i say unto you,

This. This place, This Dog, This disgrace

This, is my church.

This, is where I heal my hurts.

This is where without control, my soul dances.

Where the stones beat with hot, release their own trances

This is a time to let space shape the movements of a shoal,

A group goal

No competition

Nothing to own

No where to go

This is the last hole

The last chance saloon

The last unturned stone.

This is where my body twitches in the rain

Where the bum shakes and the belly rumbles with thunder,

Begowned without time in naked shamelessness.

This is where there is no trouble.

This is for dancing and dancing and dancing.

This is where the DJ plays

The sky is the limit and souls are saved

This is where we confess

Life is shit

And we seek recompense at the bar, without defences.

This is where our make up runs

And we stumble,

This is where we fall.

This is God's call.

This is where we get up and dance and sing

In this armageddon

This quest for rest eternally relentless

without Faith

THIS is our church.

R.Bond, August 2013
for dwellers of the Dog and Partridge

Friday, 23 August 2013

Bank Holiday Fest Frenzy: Hushed Puppies II

We're so lucky. We really are. We don't have one spectacular festival at the Dog. We have two.

If you've only ever expericenced the delights of Dogstock but have never vetured to a Hushed Puppies weekend make sure you change that this weekend.

Check these vids out from last year:

With suprizes at every twist and turn you'll not know what to expect next. Well you shouldn't because we don't.


2.30 - Papertown
3 - Mochackers
3.30 - (tbc)
4 - Suburban Sons
4.30 - Brandon Webb
5 - UZ3
5.30 - Kris Weatherall
6 - Tom Parkinson and Naomi
6.30 - Dean Lane
7 - Charles Owen
7.30 - Donna Morris
8.00 - James Mason
8.30 - Northern Folklore
9.30 - Bigsby Brothers
10 - Darren Riley
10.30 - Martin Taylor
11 - Martin Taylor Special Guests
11.30 - Elvis Hardy
12 - TVOD


2 - Kevin Bates
2.30 - Dave Lomax
3.00 - The Letmedowns
3.30 - Gage Boobier
4 - Brenda Cockle
4.30 - Tommy Govan
5 - Swob
5.30 - Russ Dunn
6 - DK Nicholls
6.30 - Hannah Spencer
7 - James Holt
7.30 - Alicia Jayne Harrison
8 - Eaves
8.30 - Awad Absin
9 - Ook and the Elephant
9.30 - Danny Liptrott
10 - The Minions
10.30 - Gemma Mooney
11 - Daniel Williamson
11.30 - OCD feat. James Carson
12 - John Smethurst