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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

ReIntroducing the Dogan d'Partridge's Mixcloud

One might have noticed that our Mixcloud is up and running once again, currently holding the informative and entertaining DogPod's.

Please have a gander as the next few weeks are going to see many new additions including:

*Full sets from bands from Dogstock/Gigs
*Archive shows from the past (Kjimn and Elvis show, Saturday Supliment, SGG broadcasts)
*Neuvou and exclusive mixes from our quality DJs

Exciting times eh? Quality pre night out listening EH!?



Monday, 14 October 2013

THE MIGHTY VIPERS LIVE! + 2004 flashback

That’s supposed to read live as in the antonym of dead.

I suppose it’d be more pressing to read it as live as in ‘live music’.

Anyway, enough of this. It’s too early to be kicking about lexis and splitting homonym’s.

I’ve never seen the Mighty Vipers before. I played (along with the rest of the Minions) with their previous incarnation, Catch-It Kebabs and booked ‘em off the strength of that. Why? We’ll the Kebabs were one of the tightest most talented ska bands around with a fiery live show and tunes with some killer hooks. 
I first remember playing with them at easter in Liverpool (Bar Hannah’s) around and about 2004. It was fucking hot and Hannah’s at that time had two mirrored walls. The sun’s rays and the heat was slowly baking us all. We played well, steady but well and then the Kebabs tore it up and showed us how it was done. 
They signed to Do the Dog and toured the country going out into all weird and wonderful directions that Ska bands used to do  (Yeovil!?). The ska-punk scene really does peak once every ten years or so, inbetween times band either plunder on playing to ever decreasing crowds or drop the ska bit, lose the brass section and become a rock band. Ahem. 

Taking all this into account when I delved into the world of the Mighty Vipers I was hit by a rush I’d not felt since those heady days of 2004/2005. The immediate, exciting, furious sound still exists but it’s more knowing and less eager to please. There’s other rhythms in there two – there’s a calypso feel  to sections and songs – party music from all over the world. 
So this isn’t just a bit of nostalgia for me (although it did lead me to dig out all the albums I was listening to around that era) it’s a genuine excitement for a band that I’m glad that still do it for me and a band that have still so gloriously ‘got it’.  

Long long long may it last. 

Playing with the Vipers are a true local favourite and one of the best guitar bands in the north, Don Blake. 
Roll up, roll up.

Free in.


Brenda Cockle's Quiz

What do you mean "What?"

You've never been and sampled one of Brenda's bespoke quizes?

Silly silly imaginary person!

The third one is tomorrow, TUESDAY OCTOBER 15TH (turn up early doors - about 8pm would be early enough - if you can, the first two were 'sell outs')

Will there be questions, and paper on which to write answers to those questions?

Will there be a brutal music round featuring several of the most dire records of the early 1990s?

Will there be an Art Attack Challenge?

Will there be 'interesting' spot prizes to reward winners and losers alike?

Will there be a jackpot prize of upwards of THIRTY GREAT BRITISH POUNDS?

Will there be biscuits?

Most importantly - will YOU be there?


October 19th & 20th: A Gig For Chris

Right. This weekend IS going to be brilliant. It has been hard to sort out but we’ve put together (at relatively short notice) a gig that is of real quality and that is a testament to Chris.

The thinking was to book bands that he’d either been in or recorded. A massive list.

We decided the date should be around his birthday (a date he shares with me and something we always tried to make special every year).

Unfortunately, straight away, this date was inaccessible to some performers who, I and they, wish were there but by this point it was too late to change date. So here’s some honourable mentions.....

Glaring omissions are Charlie Tiefenauer, who album is amongst some of the last recordings Chris had made. I’ve promised Charlie we’ll get him down at a time when he isn’t in a different country. 

Andrea Glass is another person who can’t make it. Chris spent a great couple of years (along with Andy Dawson) in Andreas band and anyone who saw ‘em around this time will remember how beautiful some of their performances were. Again I’m personally going to make sure Andrea will be back at some point in the new year. 

Old HousePlayground, or ‘the Greeks’ as we affectionately refer to ‘em, are currently in the process of being courted by record labels in London. Considering Chris did so much to push ‘em – booking gigs, recording that brilliant debut album (on tape) – it’s quite apt they’re missing out on this weekend due to them being in London pushing for bigger and better things. 

There was more, we could’ve done three full days to be fair, but I couldn’t be happier with who we’ve got.


Blackjack Casino had their debut EP recorded by Chris at LoFi studios – one of the last recordings at the legendary place. They'll be first up at 2030.

We needed to give some of the Chris Evans Collective songs and airing. So we’ve been listed as Chris Evans Collective and Friends. I’ll be singing the ones I used to and we got mate us to fill in Chris’s vocals. It’s gonna be a blast and we hope we can all you singing along too!

It’s a REAL boon to get Islands Lost At Sea to play. I know that Chris looked upon their first album with pride and it really was a superb piece of work (even though they cut the track with me singing on – bastards). This is their first full gig in ages (5 years) and it’s gonna be a real year highlight to see em take the stage again after all this time.

Total Victory close the night. Earlier this year Chris and I were in talks to take out a triple header of a gig – TV, CEC and the Minions. He never got the chance to record TV but always wanted to perform some “Hannett magic” on ‘em. It’s a shame he didn’t as I’m sure it would have been something else.

We’ve got Liam Maloney (Black Forest Ghetto), Si Sharp (Badvibes) and hopefully Alan Martindale (Chris’ old Hawthorns DJ partner) spinning the tunes after the gig and we’re using THE FULL licence. That’s 4am close to me and you.


Good job we’re starting a 6pm really isn’t it. And that it’s gonna be a full day of soothing acoustic music. Well I can’t guarantee it’ll all be soothing but you get this gist. Very very happy to note that we’ve got Sam Haine of the Blood Flames playing – I think Chris recorded the Blood Flames in a kitchen (!) – and Nick Jackson, a good friend and long-time collaborator of Chris’s, will be coming down to play too. It really is quality and a fitting day to end an awesome celebration.

1800-1820 Don McColl
1830-1850 Kris Weatherall
1900-1920 Emily Cooke
1930-1950 Star
2000-2020 Sam Haine
2030-2050 Dean Lane
2100-2120 Nick Jackson
2130-2150 Russ Dunn
2200-2220 Dan Lever
2230-2250 Danny Liptrott
2300-2320 Elvis Hardy
2330-0000 Kev Bates
Bring a full wallet as we’ll be selling a load of the old Chris Evans albums with ALL the money going to Amnesty International.

Beers, cheers, great music and mates.

Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.


Saturday, 12 October 2013

DogPod #2 - October 2013: Chris Evans Special

A few memories and plenty of tunes by and about the boy. A Gig for Chris is just starting to come into view.

Along with this you've got the Dog List keeping you informed about what's coming in the next month or so.

Have a listen, have a dance and stay informed.

Everyone's a winner.

Click the link below.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


It’s been a good few weeks.
Busy but good.

I’ll be honest, I forgot about last weeks gig.

I know, it’s terrible. I should be shot. Or made to go and have a drink around Westhoughton.

Chris (Capt. Hotknives) text me last Friday explaining he was thinking of pulling the gig after coming down with some sort of virus. All at the same time I got the warm rush of joy that comes when you remember you’ve booked Hotknives mixed with the cold stabbing pain of someone letting you down (it could have been wind though).

Fortunatly the Bratford superstar is made of sterner stuff. He tunred up and he played a fucking blinder. Hats off sir! 

[moan]This mini oversight really should make me refocus but to be honest it’s been very difficult. Anniversary celebration to be organised, Chris gig to iron out, French tour coming up, fitting in multiple rehearsals and extra hours at work have led me to do what we all need to do every now and then. Phone off, laptop off and stay in bed.[/moan] 

However, I heard the creaking of this gig from under the covers. It’s fucking huge. 


 A many of you know we live on a tight budget here at the Dog. We vary raley get chance to splash the cash but I’ll be honest, we’ve pulled out all stops with this double headliner special.


A lot of you already know Duke from his Dogstock appearances and his barnstorming gig last month. Ever since he first came to see us he’s been dying to vist with his metal band in tow.

Def Goldblum are Duke and the band Cleaverhook. They got together for the sole purpose of rocking out some Public Enemy covers and having a jam or two. And as these things do, they’re still at it.


These four almost feel omnipresent. Taking great strides in the last two years – winning every battle of the bands, starred in a cinema released documentary and played at the MEN – nothing pleases us more than little old us bringing them back down to earth by getting them to come warm our ears once more.

Bless em.

Support for all this comes from local new boys Renegade and Retrospect. Come down and show em some love.
Free in (I know, I know)

DJs til Sunday.

Great beers, more whiskey, happy days.


p.s. New Dogpod at the end of the week. You lucky bastards.