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Monday, 14 October 2013

Brenda Cockle's Quiz

What do you mean "What?"

You've never been and sampled one of Brenda's bespoke quizes?

Silly silly imaginary person!

The third one is tomorrow, TUESDAY OCTOBER 15TH (turn up early doors - about 8pm would be early enough - if you can, the first two were 'sell outs')

Will there be questions, and paper on which to write answers to those questions?

Will there be a brutal music round featuring several of the most dire records of the early 1990s?

Will there be an Art Attack Challenge?

Will there be 'interesting' spot prizes to reward winners and losers alike?

Will there be a jackpot prize of upwards of THIRTY GREAT BRITISH POUNDS?

Will there be biscuits?

Most importantly - will YOU be there?


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