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Monday, 18 November 2013

Dec 6th & 7th: Philipinnes Typhoon Relief gig

I’m sure it was in the not too dim and distant past on this very blog that I mentioned we needed to do more – more in the way of doing more for others. When some of us started promoting gigs under the umbrella of the Bolton Music Collective we rather quickly became involved with a plethora of charities and youth projects. Gigs in conjunction with the council raised cash and awareness for the needy (a rancid term) in and around our area and mini, big and completely mad festivals raised hundreds for Tsunami appeal, Derian House and the Sophie Lancaster campaign.

After a while all this stopped and it was noted, especially when myself and Neil get together, that when we do put on the odd charity gig/evening people are humbling in their support for it. However, it tends to take a tragedy of some description to kick start us into this process. Better than nothing I suppose but it’d be nice if, in future, we’d do something before we have to do something.

With that in mind – we HAVE to do something.

Most of us have been aware of the damage Typhoon Haiyan has caused the islands of the Philippines. News coverage has shown us the damage and reports have thrown horrific numbers at the scale of the human loss. The Pilipino government are facing a logistical challenge that ranks alongside the efforts of governments, charities and volunteers faced after the tsunami in 2004.

What are we doing? We are hastily organising a two day festival (of course) in the hope that we can raise a sum we’d feel proud of sending to Red Cross. It’s not much but I suppose it’s what we’re good at.

So keep the 6th and 7th December free, if you can, and let’s take in some great music whilst doing some good. Deal?


2040-2110 Mr Fist 
2120-2150 Kevin Bates 
2200-2230 Kade 
2250-2310 Static Bizarre and the No. 7 
2330-0000 Don Blake 

1550-1620 Neurosync 
1640-1710 Sky Valley Mistress
1730-1800 Brenda Cockle
1820-1850 Goldilocks
1920-1950 Dan Lever 
2010-2040 Limbs
2100-2130 Bone Idols
2150-2220 Ook and the Elephant
2240-2310 Blackjack Casino
2330-0000 Duke01 & Furious P

1 comment:

  1. Good work guys,

    sorry me and the Second Hand Wingers can't be there to support.

    Heather (WP) x