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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fat Weekend - March 21, 22, 23, 24

Spring has sprung, Marching through March etc etc 

An overly packed weekend (music). 
The weather makes everything more bearable. 
There’s a fantastic buzz about everything. 
Here’s a picture of Neil with loads of Jack Daniels. 

Cactus Knife 
Chorley, so local-ish. A “mix of modern psych/surf rock with female/male harmonies”. Draws you in. Mesmerising.  

Michael Ainsley Band 
Lovely chaps. Leeds bloke recruits band to live-setting his solo ventures. Currently flying (metaph.) around our nation. Bolton gets a taste. 

India Mill 
Indie-pop-rock/music from Darwen, Lancs. They should have played years ago. We’re putting that right. A talented bunch. 


12 Heads ( a gig for the second time this year. This time they’ve invited Roscoe ( and The Evil Step Sisters.  

 Free entry as per with DJs going on until the very end (of time*)  *lie 

Sunday is Dog Sunday – the world’s best acoustic night. Bring yr guitar and come and play for us! 

Yep. A gig on a Monday. 

Our good friends Cut have asked to come back and play as part of their UK tour. If you’ve never seen Cut do come out and have a look. Frighteningly good rock ‘n’ roll from Italy. They only manage to come and see us once every blue moon so lets show ‘em a good time. 

Support is from Ballard (poppy) and Riggots (not poppy) 

Free and with it being a Monday this gig will run earlier than usual. Cut will be on round 2230 so make sure you get down early. In fact, come down after work (!). 

Stick that lot in your pipe. I’m currently writing up a spread (ooh-er) on Dogstock so expect that in the next week or so. Until then.....

Saturday, 15 March 2014

SATURDAY MARCH 15: Two Weeks Running, Glass Tides, Limbs


It’s all been Dogstock this, Dogstock that this week. Let’s focus on the now, yeah?

Limbs bring all theirs and play tunes at the Dog for the first time in a rather long time. What have they been doing? Well we’ll have to guess as their restraining order against me has stopped my frequent late night spying missions.

One thing I can say for sure is they have been recording some new tunes, a selection of which I’m sure they’ll pleasure you with during this night’s performance.


Sam Haine played the Sunday of the Chris Weekender. He was fucking outstanding. Myself and Brother Lever talked him into coming back some time with his band. This is one of those times.

Glass Tides are absolutely spine-tingling. We’re so excited to have them come and play and look forward to seeing future outings round our way.

Anyway, promoting their new single Two Weeks Running close out the night. One of the fastest rising of the nu-local scene here’s a band who don’t come and play for us enough. With that in mind don’t miss this opportunity to go and see with your eyes.