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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Gig Updates – Early Gig Warning System

So Facebook have finally let us have it. 2 and a half years of one or two events per week inviting 1200+ people and they finally called us spammers and have blocked us (albeit temporarily) from inviting any more people to any more gigs (and have the temerity to blame it on you!).

(have a look below this article as to ‘the why’)

That’s it. The system we have relied on for a couple of years will have to change. Our social network device will not let us network – ahem – socially.

Now, dare I say, a few of you will be rejoicing that we won’t be spamming your wall* at any point in the near future. The problem is, for us it was defiantly the best system of spreading the word as to what was going on at the Dog. Admittedly it didn’t work for some places but it very much so did for us.

Now we’re going to have to do it ‘properly’. Monthly round up posts on here and the odd update on FB. It’ll feel a lot less inclusive and the build up to a gig will be less fun - we'll do our best but what can you do.

All gig info (dates/bands/descriptions/lies) will be on here until further notice with the only 'spam' being a link put up on our wall and a specially set up Early Gig Warning System (

So, for the moment, set on your favourites and keep in touch with what’s coming up at our lovely little place. Read on for FB’s new rulings on events (taken from

Facebook puts limits on event invites
Facebook has established new restrictions for how many event invites a user can send at one time and how many pending invites an event can have, according to users who are seeing a notification preventing them from inviting more friends.

The Facebook Help Center confirms that users cannot send more than 100 event invites at a time and an event can only have 300 pending invites at once. This could hinder the efforts of some event planners or promoters, but also help users avoid getting too many invitations they aren’t relevant to them. As a result, event organizers might experiment with Facebook’s paid options for promoting events to users who are most likely to be interested in them.

The social network has long had different mechanisms in place to limit spam and unwanted invitations, but this latest cap seems to be a development from some time in March or before. Social media author Mari Smith pointed out these rules last week, and user Cory Wijnhamer provided a screenshot of the notification he saw to AllFacebook:

To sum up if you guys reply to the invites we won’t be stopped – come on though, we know life don’t work like that and if you had to reply to all our events, you’d never leave your computer. Whatever.
Keep the faith, motherfuckers.

*Modern lexis would more than likely have us committed no more than 15 years ago.
“Why did you section him?”
“He was complaining the someone had *looks at notepad* spammed his wall.”  

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  1. Might I humbly suggest using the Twitter?
    No need to invite then, just everybody who follows you will see it - so no spam accusations.