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Saturday, 10 May 2014

INSIGHT: Dogstock Saturday (May 24)


Furiously catchy but unlike Scabies doesn’t leave you with angry red marks on your skin. Unless you “steal the Pest’s pint”. Don’t play enough for me. You should all get to know ‘em to understand what a gem of a band they are.


“Why are Riggots on so early?”

That’s all I get off you bastards TIME AND TIME AGAIN! Unfortunately this was the only slot that these fiery Wigan mongs and I could agree on so MAKE SURE you don’t MISS them (capitals expert borrowed from the Sun). Key Words: Two Piece, Loud, Brilliant


Mark and the boys are keen to impress on the Dogstock crowd after hosting three of their own nights at the Dog in the last year and a bit. Finally getting there chance on the bill this four piece psych industrial punk band get the plaudits they deserve.

Official Website:

Some Bird

Some Bird have grown up under the watchful gaze of a Dog audience that has seen ‘em develop from humble means to hotly anticipated. Dan, Bodge et al have gone to ground this year working on their debut release (also hotly anticipated).

Third Thumb

Read these next couple of paragraphs for facts: “Third Thumb are George MacSween & Karl Francis, a multi-instrumental duo from Lancashire, UK.

Using 2 drum kits, a multitude of loops, guitars, basses, keyboards, samplers and the odd vocal noise, their hypnotic live performances fuse gymnastic multitasking, mathy rhythms, heavy dynamics, improvisation and wonky electronica”

Third Thumb are devastatingly good. In there one previous jaunt to the Dog they made enough friends for people to already tip them as Dogstock material. And who says we don’t listen.

Flat Stanley

The renegade trio are back for more riffed up tuneage. The ex-Geevor boys are back to get us dancing and nodding concurrently once again. Featuring Dogstocks only Scunthorp fan. Congrats!

Ook and the Elephant

Ook have got that rolling buzz about them of a band who should by rights be playing a lot later in the night next time round. Debut release in one hand, electrifying performance in the locker – if we get the sun going down around this time It’ll be goose bumps all round.


Played DS once as Injun Joe. Seems to not be able to a foot wrong under his new moniker. Fragile, haunting, beautiful – stop talking and listen to a genuine prospect.

Fire up the warp-drive, we’re going interstellar. Five men gonna make you believe in astral travel in under 25 mins. Swells build, chords crash and reverberations will realign your natural balances. Officially the most talked about performance of the weekend. You’re welcome.

Def Goldblum

Duke01 is the reason why booking at the Dog is such a ball. Introduced to us by Our Helical Mind many moons ago we’ve all but kept the Duke to our collective selves. Making the years shake with Furious P wasn’t enough so we got him back this year with his band, Def Goldblum. What started our as a knock about run through some Public Enemy songs has turned into something you are all going to have to see.

Bone Idols

Laughing in the face of everything that sleazy rock music has thrown at over the last three decades, Bone Idols tough riff heavy approach to the genre has left mouths agog all over the north. Low flying aircraft beware as these boys bring their own private plans to liven up our proceedings. Get your cameras ready as this performance is going to be talked about for the rest of the year.

The Might Vipers

Welcome to party central. I’ve parped on enough about the Vipers in the past (read here) all I can confirm is you’re still gonna be dancing LONG after the band have finished. Ska, swing, calypso whatever. Your ass will be movin’.

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