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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

LOOK! LISTEN! THINK! Hushed Puppies (Aug 23rd/24th)

We all get giddy around Hushed Puppies time. The acoustic Dogstock. The norths premier acoustic gathering. A load of people drinking in a yard. Whatever you want to call it, there's a ruddy facedness about us all that you won't find around other August weekends.

I'll post the full line-up a the arse of all this but first get your airesholes tuned to these sounds. Dan Lever has compiled two helpful playlists so you get a taste of what's to come. Reviews of the tracks below are by a man called Chris Kehoe.

Cactus Knife – come and smash your car into Cactus Knife’s psychedelic wall.    
Glass Tides – impassioned vocals, big ideas, gratuitous sax and mindless violins (nb no saxophone actually included)
James Holt – whimsically melodic with a nod to 60’s dreamscapery.    
Ook and the Elephant – Everything you know is wrong… unless you happen to know how good Ook and the Elephant are.  A joyous stampede through a funfair.
Rob Young – Scandiwegian Blues Explosion; if you don’t like this then you probably have no soul.
Jamie Brewer – Wonderfully crafted and executed acoustic music.  Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Ballard – no nonsense, in and out stuff, as you’d expect.  Probably not for people who have no taste; or sense of humour.
Steve Warwick – poignant, acoustic, miserablism; who are you to resist eh?
Idle Giants – hard edged, harmonic, psychedelic indie rock.  Pan-genre majesty. 
Janileigh Cohen – lovely alt-folksy splendour.        

Daniel Williamson – Late night, sliding off your barstool poetry.
Horse Opera – Western surftasamagoria; and we all know what that means.
Michael Chadders – A party in your ears.  With jelly.  And sandwiches.
Alicia Jayne – Bolton’s very own smoky voiced songstress.  You know this.
The Bigsbys – Parisian sexiness brought to your door with this gypsy jazz ensemble.  Un peu de musique ce soir? Pourquoi pas.
OTM – Team of local rappers, fully intending to insult your mum and steal your guitar.  Crystalline
 Our Fold – angsty, raw, energetic.  What’s not to like?
Joint Effort Duo – Soulful vocals, masterful jazz infused guitar.  How collaboration should be.  ConDems take note.
Jeremiah Ferrari – reggae grooves aplenty.  Guaranteed* to make you move.
*this is not a formal guarantee and cannot be relied upon.   Although we’d be surprised if you were to remain completely  immobile throughout their set.  Perhaps this should read, “Jeremiah Ferrari – fairly unlikely to cause paralysis”.       
So it's not really expect the unexpected is it. We know you're gonna experience that little lot. For further reading, have a look at the full lineup below and we'll see you on Saturday. SATURDAY - Hosted by Chris Kehoe and Ginger Ella
3.45 - Mighty-swob Swobbenitsky
4.15 - The Bigsby's

4.45 - Brian Hobbs
5.15 - Limbs
5.45 - Tori Wooff
6.15 - Mike Rob
6.45 - James Holt
7.15 - Humour
7.45 - DK Nicholls
8.15 - Joint Effort
8.45 - John Ainsworth
9.15 - Rob Young
9.45 - Northern Folklore
10.25 - Dan Williamson & Penbacco
10.55 - Our Fold
11.25 - Secondhand Wings

SUNDAY - Hosted by Russ Dunn and Ginger Ella
4.00 - Elvis Goddamn Hardy
4.30 - Steve Warwick
5.00 - Nanukes of the North
5.30 - Who's this? It's Mr Russ Dunn
6.00 - Tuesday Tony
6.30 - Cactus Knife
7.00 - Janileigh Cohen
7.30 - Mark Moloney/Emily's Child/Black Moanshake
8.00 - Horse Opera
8.30 - Trouble and co.
9.00 - Alicia Jayne
9.30 - Jeremiah Ferrari
10.00 - Jamie Brewer
10.30 - Ballard
11.00 - Ook And The Elephant

11.30 - Throwing Pandas.



Live at the Dog parts I & II

We've wanted to release a live compilation of some of the wonderful bands we've had on over the years for aaaaaaaaaaaages. Using the idea to raise money for the upcoming Amnesty Weekender gave us our chance.

Bias aside, this really is a piece of work. Varying styles and all top draw performances. For the princely sum of £3!

BARGAIN!!! Click here to buy the whole thing. All proceeds to Amnesty.

Dogstock Entrails #1