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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

LOOK! LISTEN! THINK! Hushed Puppies (Aug 23rd/24th)

We all get giddy around Hushed Puppies time. The acoustic Dogstock. The norths premier acoustic gathering. A load of people drinking in a yard. Whatever you want to call it, there's a ruddy facedness about us all that you won't find around other August weekends.

I'll post the full line-up a the arse of all this but first get your airesholes tuned to these sounds. Dan Lever has compiled two helpful playlists so you get a taste of what's to come. Reviews of the tracks below are by a man called Chris Kehoe.

Cactus Knife – come and smash your car into Cactus Knife’s psychedelic wall.    
Glass Tides – impassioned vocals, big ideas, gratuitous sax and mindless violins (nb no saxophone actually included)
James Holt – whimsically melodic with a nod to 60’s dreamscapery.    
Ook and the Elephant – Everything you know is wrong… unless you happen to know how good Ook and the Elephant are.  A joyous stampede through a funfair.
Rob Young – Scandiwegian Blues Explosion; if you don’t like this then you probably have no soul.
Jamie Brewer – Wonderfully crafted and executed acoustic music.  Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Ballard – no nonsense, in and out stuff, as you’d expect.  Probably not for people who have no taste; or sense of humour.
Steve Warwick – poignant, acoustic, miserablism; who are you to resist eh?
Idle Giants – hard edged, harmonic, psychedelic indie rock.  Pan-genre majesty. 
Janileigh Cohen – lovely alt-folksy splendour.        

Daniel Williamson – Late night, sliding off your barstool poetry.
Horse Opera – Western surftasamagoria; and we all know what that means.
Michael Chadders – A party in your ears.  With jelly.  And sandwiches.
Alicia Jayne – Bolton’s very own smoky voiced songstress.  You know this.
The Bigsbys – Parisian sexiness brought to your door with this gypsy jazz ensemble.  Un peu de musique ce soir? Pourquoi pas.
OTM – Team of local rappers, fully intending to insult your mum and steal your guitar.  Crystalline
 Our Fold – angsty, raw, energetic.  What’s not to like?
Joint Effort Duo – Soulful vocals, masterful jazz infused guitar.  How collaboration should be.  ConDems take note.
Jeremiah Ferrari – reggae grooves aplenty.  Guaranteed* to make you move.
*this is not a formal guarantee and cannot be relied upon.   Although we’d be surprised if you were to remain completely  immobile throughout their set.  Perhaps this should read, “Jeremiah Ferrari – fairly unlikely to cause paralysis”.       
So it's not really expect the unexpected is it. We know you're gonna experience that little lot. For further reading, have a look at the full lineup below and we'll see you on Saturday. SATURDAY - Hosted by Chris Kehoe and Ginger Ella
3.45 - Mighty-swob Swobbenitsky
4.15 - The Bigsby's

4.45 - Brian Hobbs
5.15 - Limbs
5.45 - Tori Wooff
6.15 - Mike Rob
6.45 - James Holt
7.15 - Humour
7.45 - DK Nicholls
8.15 - Joint Effort
8.45 - John Ainsworth
9.15 - Rob Young
9.45 - Northern Folklore
10.25 - Dan Williamson & Penbacco
10.55 - Our Fold
11.25 - Secondhand Wings

SUNDAY - Hosted by Russ Dunn and Ginger Ella
4.00 - Elvis Goddamn Hardy
4.30 - Steve Warwick
5.00 - Nanukes of the North
5.30 - Who's this? It's Mr Russ Dunn
6.00 - Tuesday Tony
6.30 - Cactus Knife
7.00 - Janileigh Cohen
7.30 - Mark Moloney/Emily's Child/Black Moanshake
8.00 - Horse Opera
8.30 - Trouble and co.
9.00 - Alicia Jayne
9.30 - Jeremiah Ferrari
10.00 - Jamie Brewer
10.30 - Ballard
11.00 - Ook And The Elephant

11.30 - Throwing Pandas.

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