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Monday, 3 November 2014



Good evening folks. It’s been quite a week.
For those who have been living under a rock/in Farnworth: at around 5.30pm on Wednesday October 29th a 4x4 ploughed its merry way through the far vault wall of our esteemed establishment. Fortunately only three people were in the pub at the time - Neil, Lou and our new barman Tim. A cigarette saved their lives. Only 20 seconds were between them leaving the vault to smoke and the car smashing through the wall. The four brick deep wall. Both Lou and Neil were sat in the seats the vehicle crushed. Smoking might kill but in this case it saved.

Even though our building is badly wounded not a minute passes without us being all too aware that it could have been so much worse.  
The driver was unharmed and well looked after by all until he tried to do a runner. Staff from surrounding pubs helped to restrain the individual until the police took him away. The building was inspected by the fire brigade, the electricity was turned off and the Dog was, and remains, closed. 

Over the next few days the Dog showed what a wonderful and vast family it has. In the intervening days between the crash and now, you have manned cars and fired up vans helping take all items of value from us and making sure it is stored safely away. There is no thank you card big enough.

Families don’t have to be related.

If the original incident wasn’t enough, Halloween brought a new twist. Thieves broke in and robbed stock and tools from the cellar trying to take the big gazebo on the way out. We were all understandably crestfallen. The end of our wit was in sight. It was a fucking hammer blow.

The Bolton News did a thoughtful piece (as they did on the original incident) on the robbery and most – most – of the comments galvanized us. This was needed as we knew that a day was looming where the building was to be judged. Was this the end of the Dog?

That day was today. Bluemantle, who own pretty much all of Bank St/Manor St, sent their building inspector down and their view is that the Dog is “salvageable”. Don’t get the flags out yet though. We still wait on the property owners view. But even with this in mind, things are looking up.

The long and the short of it is this, we’re gonna be shut for at least 2 months. The gigs we have booked will be moved (if possible) and we will be holding various fundraising events around and about the north west to raise whatever money is needed for the shortfall the insurance will leave. If any of this changes, you’ll be the first to know.

The Dog has stood (sort of) proudly at the corner of Manor Street and Folds Road for well over 100 years. It has grown and slightly changed in that period. It’s never been the most aesthetically pleasing of places but that has never been its point. It’s served its time as a bikers pub, a gay bar and more recently a musicians hang out and we’re very proud of its history of being on the peripheries – physically and metaphorically – of the usual Bolton centre fare.

For us, this is a special place. People have met, formed bands, fallen in love, got stinkingly drunk, pissed themselves, split bands up, fallen over, laughed like a drain, ended relationships and proposed between these four walls. I/we don’t want this to stop.

When we thought that our place was to be
razed to the ground it hurt. Not because we haven’t been here before but because this time we were in a position where we could see a brighter future. It isn’t our choice to close.

This isn’t our full stop.

Stay strong.



  1. and John Lee Hooker once drank in there!

  2. With that in mind Alec, my first drinks in a re-launched D n P will be One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

  3. they should put a blue sign up!

  4. I think, we should legalize it! At least, if somebody wants to play, he or she will play no matter what. So, that’s better to make it legal. If that’s legal, that’s less attractive. Me, I choose and I’m sure, that’s safe and interesting.